C.A.R.E Values Blog, Week 8-9, term C.A.R.E

My goal is to develop the consistent use of our CARE Values towards all the people I interact with and for myself .

  • My strengths are in being a role model, a community minded person, a respectful person, and an active thinker.
  • I have nearly achieved my bronze certificate.


  • I am going to work towards getting my bronze by making sure I enter and exit the learning spaces respectfully.
  • I am going to do this by walking not running and sitting on the mat quickly and quietly.
What is my learning goal to put each word in one square,s 
What have I learned to split numbers to make adding easier  
What is my next step to skip count in four,s

Integrated Learning

WALT design a piece of  new furniture for a new learning space 

I learned that you use a ruler for straight lines
I achieved my goal because I made my creation stand

N ext time I will make it a bit smaller

Maths Term 3

WALT find halves and quarters of sets and shapes by equal sharing and imaging

I learned halves are just like doubles

Here is an example of my learning: half of 14 is 7

Next time I will work on my book standards in Maths

My Mihi

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Te Reo

I learned to say my mihi correctly.
I achieved my goal because now I can say my mihi .
Ko Three Sisters toku maunga.

Here are two sentences;
No whiti ahau
Next time I will read slower.

Reading Skills

WALT understand and use new vocabulary.        

I learned new vocabulary.

I achieved my goal because I sounded out new words.

Next time I will use a dictionary to understand the meaning of new words.

ANZAC Writing

WALT write a diary entry using specific vocabulary.

I learned new vocabulary.

Here is my best sentence:
I am stuck in this old trench with a sniper and hear my enemy running towards the trench.

I achieved my goal because... I completed my ANZAC Writing.

Next time I will try to spell more words correctly.

Cross Country

WALT run 1.5km for Cross Country 

I learned it's so hard running 1.5km, it makes you puffed.

I achieved my goal because I completed the cross country and came second to last.

Next time I will walk jog and run.


Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

has just shared this Viewable by link Google Document with you:Reyansh

Learning to blog

WALT add a post to our own blog.

This is one way I will be sharing my learning for this year.

My next step with blogging is to remember how to log in by myself.

I am learning to add a post to my blog

Compost - Topic

WALT: recognise and understand the process used to construct a compost

We can do this when:

  • we participate in discussions about compost
  • explain how compost is constructed
  • explain why we use compost and its benefits

We were very lucky that Mr McCaven showed us the grass clippings that will eventually turn into compost. We learned that the grass clippings will get warm and decompose and then they will help the school gardens grow.


WALT - sing the new school song.

Success criteria: Sing using the correct words and attempt to use the correct pitch.

Room 2 sang this beautifully, they used the correct volume and some of them hit some good notes whilst singing.  Keep on practicing room 2 and we could even get some of the moves into the song.-- 

Writing - Character descriptions

WALT: write a character description

Success criteria:

  • use interesting words to make a picture in the reader's mind.
  • write about what the person looks like
  • write about what the person does (actions)
  • Write about what kind of person they are (personality)


WALT: EXPLORE translations through slide, reflect, and rotate on plane shapes.

Success criteria:
 - Use the first letter of your name to slide 
 - Use the first letter of your name to reflect
 - Use the first letter of your name to rotate


WALT: predict and create a bathroom or kitchen tilling plan using tessellation.

Success criteria:
- create simple tessellations involving squares and other shapes

- repeat simple tessellations involving squares and other shapes
Easy Blog Photo

Showing Excellence!

WALT: show our C.A.R.E values in the toilet!!


Wash hands with soap and water and dry them.

Jump rope for heart

Achievement Objectives

Students will:
  • Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences.
  • Develop a wide range of movement skill using a variety of equipment and play environments

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to:

  • Join in activities with a positive attitude
  • Identify what makes fitness a positive experience
  • Identify ways to make changes to the activity to increase enjoyment
  • Demonstrate basic skipping skills with short and long ropes

Play - Reading

WALT: practice and perform a fairytale play within a group

Success criteria:

  • Students can using a clear voice
  • Students can face the audience
  • Students can read a script to the best of their ability
  • Students can add emotion and acting to their plays.


Achievement Objectives

Students will:
  • Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences.
  • Experience creative, regular, and enjoyable physical activities and describe the benefits to well-being.
  • Describe and use safe practices in a range of contexts and identify people who can help.
  • Develop a wide range of movement skills and play environments.

Learning Outcomes

We are learning to:
  • Create and perform sequences of unlike actions on the floor.
  • Identify how to use equipment and perform skills safely.
  • Identify how gymnastics is helpful to everyone.

3d Shapes

WALT:  make 3D foil shapes.

Success criteria:

Make a 3D shape out of paper and wrap it in foil.
Talk about what kind of shape you made.
Talk about how many faces, sides and corners your shape has.

Matheletics award

Well done Rey on your mathletics award!  It shows a lot of excellence and active thinking!

News Time!!!!

WALT: share our news with the rest of the class and listen to our peers news.

Success criteria:

·      Looking at the audience when we talk,
·      We are standing with confidence (nice and straight),
·      We are talking in a clear voice,
·      We are adding detail about  item we are sharing,
·      We are asking open questions to the person sharing their news,

·      We can answer questions with some detail,

     We are showing respect to the speaker and listening to their news.

Gymnastics practice session week 9

WALT: plan and perform a sequence of gymnastics moves with a buddy e.g. Straddle, pike, tuck, rolls, burpies etc.

Success criteria:

Perform a sequence of 12 moves
Be Able to transition smoothly from one move to another
Perform your sequence alongside your buddy
Practiced your sequence with a buddy during gymnastic sessions to get your performance in time with one another.


WALT: Write a fairytale in our own words. (WEEK 8) - Hansel and Gretel

Success Criteria:

  1. Orientation - who (characters), what, where (setting)
  2. Problem - what goes wrong?
  3. Solution - how do they make it right?
  4. Magic !
  5. Outcome (Happily ever after…)

Bucket filler certificate




Rey's instructional writing

WALT: write instructions

Success Criteria :

  • Title
  • Goal
  • List the materials and equipment
  • Steps in order
  • Action verbs

Instructional writing sample

WALT: write instructions

Success Criteria :

  • Title
  • Goal
  • List the materials and equipment
  • Steps in order
  • Action verbs

How to make popcorn.

To Make Popcorn.


·     Popcorn kernels
·     Bowl
·     Cup template
·     Scissors
·     Popcorn maker
·     Glue


1. Cut out the paper template.

2. Pour the popcorn kernels in the cup plug in the popcorn maker watch popcorn pop.

3. Put the popcorn into the bowl.

4. Share your popcorn with your buddy.

By Rey

Rey's next step is to add more describing words to his writing.